Fence to protect property

Basic Steps to Protect Your Property

Although many people instantly think of expensive CCTV options when considering how to make their property more secure, or protect their home/sheds from the risk of theft, there are many simple, effective & easy to install steps you can take before the need of CCTV is discussed.

Are you looking for ways to make your property more secure? Visit us, Enterprise Works, for more information about how we can help you protect your home. 

As well as protecting your property from burglaries, or preventing the risk of damage, effective fences and gates are good for keeping pets & children in too! 

Let us tell you how…


Garden fences are essential for providing shelter and privacy in your garden.  They are a great way to let people know where your property starts and ends. It signifies a boundary and keeps people in and out of your lawn or home. Made of various materials, fences are considered to be one of the most primary modes of defence & protection for any home.

If fences are the walls that surround your castle, you want to consider what you want your fence to achieve.  Preventing imposters from gaining access will likely result in a strong, tall fences with minimal footholds to allow scaling; keeping wandering dogs inside the garden will require a strong fence with no gaps or holes; or wanting to establish a fixed boundary but maintain the pretty look of a garden will likely resort in a short fence which can also act as a climber support

Whether you choose traditional wood, UPVC, metal or even bamboo barriers, bear in mind that as the single biggest element in a plot, they can set the tone & feel of the whole garden – so don’t let their functionality prevent them from adding beauty to the garden, value to your property or even envy to the neighbours.

Wooden fences have the added benefit of being able to be customised to how you want them to look, from the material and design to the colour.

And remember, all garden boundaries will require some form of maintenance for upkeep and access – so take this into account when considering which option is best for you.  

Get your fence materials with us today! Here at Enterprise Works, we are able to supply secure and quality wooden fences to make your home more secure than ever before!

Lockable gates

Much like fences, gates come in all shapes and sizes.  Make sure you consider the gate as part of the overall aesthetic of the fences you install.  A lovely wrought iron fence will give views onto the surrounding areas but also mean people can see in, whereas closeboard gates provide a sense of security and often are sold with fence packs to allow a ‘run’, whilst a picket fence gives you endless opportunities to make it a feature – maybe an arch with flowers growing all over the top?

A strong gate with a secure lock will provide extra protection – keeping those you don’t want in, out and those you want to keep in, in!  Consider what locks you will use, where the lock is positioned & make sure you and your fellow household get into the habit of locking the gate at all times. Locks positioned where they can be reached over the top of the fence, or always left unlocked for ease, are easy targets.

If you are regularly using a locked gate for access, it is worth fitting a light with a sensor to allow you visibility in the middle of the night.  

Are you looking for a secure gate to keep your home safe and sound? With Enterprise Works, we can offer a range of closeboard & picket fences that match your style preference and are easy to install. Give us a call today for more information! 


These days a shed is used to store more than just your garden tools, ladders and lawn mowers! A secure shed allows you to have extra storage space for more expensive items like sports equipment, power tools; BBQ’s; and even garden furniture put away for the winter.  

Storing big ticket items like lawn mowers, garden furniture, BBQ’s, bikes and paddle boards help to extend the life of the item. Stored away for winter reduces the exposure to wind, rain & snow – resulting in the items lasting longer, less cleaning in Spring & easier maintenance.

The shed can also provide a storage space for your items that you usually leave outside your house. Because you don’t have to lug the object all the way inside or leave them out on the lawn, you can easily store it in the shed instead. 

As you can imagine, sheds come in all sizes, with the standard 8×6 being the most common, with 6×4, 8×4, 10×4 and 10×6 being popular options too.  In our experience, it is easy to underestimate just how much space you need & so we always recommend not buying too small.

Sheds can be bought with or without windows – depending on what you plan to use the shed for.

Protect your property and home with Enterprise Works today

Here at Enterprise Works, we provide ready-to-install sheds, fencing, and gates.  Offering concrete, closeboard, timber & durapost products we have a wide range to suit all needs. 

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