Can you convert a garden shed into a bedroom

Can You Convert a Garden Shed Into a Bedroom?

Depending on where you live, you probably have an old unused shed in your backyard waiting to be turned into a cosy shed home or maybe you just bought a new piece of land and you are planning on building a shed until you save enough money for a house.

The durability of a home need not be compromised when you customize a shed. This space can be transformed into a tiny living area, personal reading nook, man cave, shed, backyard home, granny flat, or even a miniature guest house. Since DIYing is becoming a trend, more shed suppliers are innovating their products and improving the assembly procedures for shed construction to make it more convenient and easier for homeowners.

If you plan on converting your shed into a home, consider these suggestions and simple questions:

Do you have any plans for the short-term and long-term?

A shed can be turned into a home no matter how old it is or how recently it was bought. It is smart, logical, and ideal to have a temporary shed until a full house is built, especially when you are saving up and don’t have the time right now.

Some homeowners, however, are concerned about the long-term benefits of an investment. In either case, a shed is a very good investment. Having one is a great asset.

Although DIY makes installing sheds a fun, fulfilling, and convenient experience, it is not entirely unrestricted to build shed homes in Australia. You need to follow the regulations stipulated by your local council. 

It is imperative to have the right size of your shed in the long run. When thinking of converting an existing shed into a shed home, it is best to purchase a larger shed.  To do so, you would have to apply for several permits as early as possible, such as a building permit and a development permit, rather than obtaining them only at conversion.

When converting a shed into a home, what permits will you need?

Here things get a bit tricky. Depending on the size and purpose of your shed or garden room, you must adhere to Building Regulations. While regulations vary from state to state, there are general guidelines that should be followed. By doing so, you ensure that the building’s structure is sound and that it is safe for sleeping in.  An annexe can be constructed out of a garage or small brick building using the same rules.

Before you begin, consult your local planning authority.  A building regulation typically covers the following:

  • Construction of foundations and floors
  • The installation of insulation and double glazing
  • Energy (electricity)
  • The Drainage

A certificate will be issued once the work has been completed to the appropriate standard and inspected by the appropriate authority. Planning permission and compliance with Building Regulations are required to enclose your garden building and use it as a bedroom or self-contained accommodation.

If you are considering purchasing a log cabin, garden room, or summerhouse from Waltons, contact the local planning office first. If you live in the UK, planning permission rules differ depending on where you live, but the duty planning officer at your local council will be able to assist you.

when constructing a shed or outbuilding that serves as self-contained accommodation, you might be liable for council tax. You are responsible for finding out.

You may need to contact your local planning department if you wish to live in your shed, log cabin, or garden room. With a little effort, however, it is certainly possible. Please consult your planning officer before taking the next step if you have not yet bought a garden building. You can be sure that he or she will work with you to find something that is safe and comfortable for you.

Where and what size shed is right for you?

For the first time, you may need more time and attention when converting your shed into a dwelling space; it may not be as simple as building or converting a shed into a storage or garden shed.  A detailed list of all the items and furniture that will be brought into this space will need to be prepared as well as the correct measurements.

You will likely need a floor plan for a living space since you will need a bedroom, a living room, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. A sturdy partition is also likely to be required. In addition to their many types, prices, and sizes, sheds come in many different sizes. If you want the area to stay cool, choose a location with shade. You should consider whether you want a temporary shed or a more permanent shed for the base of your shed. In this regard, it is best to have a gravel base if your location will be temporary, and a concrete one if you will be using it permanently.

Is there a way to save space?

Even though sheds are not as big as houses, some sheds are about as big as a 20-square-foot apartment. With a shed that big, you can have less furniture. Minimalism has become more popular lately. There are some manufacturers and suppliers of furniture that offer DIY, multipurpose, and convertible materials. 

The market has been very successful in selling these types of furniture. A sofa bed, a bed with drawers, a convertible or extendable dining table, or a seat with interior storage are some of the most popular convertible furniture items.

Couch beds are perfect whether you’re single or a couple. One of these will most likely mean that you’ll no longer need a separate room for a bedroom since you’ll be able to put it in the living room. Therefore, you won’t have to build as many walls inside your home. You don’t need a closet if you have a bed with drawers, on the other hand. In addition to storage for shoes, these drawers can also serve as bookshelves. Shed homes tend to be clutter-free due to these drawers. The same could be done with seats with interior storage. The best option if you occasionally have friends and family over is a convertible or extendable table. 

Whether you are living alone or with someone else, a large table will not be as practical as a small table you can extend only when necessary. Convertible furniture does not only provide space savings. Convertible furniture does not only provide space savings. Convertible furniture also saves money. In your case, investing in furniture of this type will be the best choice since you are on a tight budget.

Final Thoughts

Converting your shed to a bedroom is possible. By taking note of the different factors we have outlined above, it would not be such a hassle for you to do this on your own. But we still advise you to consult a professional to do this given the different regulations and compliance that needs to be done. An expert team can handle all of these for you. Schedule a 20-minute consultation with one of our experts to find more.

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