How often should you replace your fencing

How Often Should You Replace Your Fencing?

A fence is more than the boundary between your garden and your neighbour’s garden – although obviously, that is what it is used for.

Fencing is a very visible part of your own garden, to the same extent as the flowers, pond or patio. However, fencing is rarely viewed in this way. It is the edge of the garden not a part of it. 

This opinion changes dramatically when the fence starts to fall down and is leaning either into your garden or away from it, or is so rotten bits are falling off. 

Replacing a fence can be expensive, depending on the height and length, and it can be backbreaking work. 

But, if done well, fencing should last a good ten years before it needs replacing again. 

There are some clear signs that your fence needs replacing. 


A fence is wooden and the fence posts are set into the ground.  The natural water in the ground will eventually rot the wood, so it is advisable to keep an eye on the wood nearest to the ground. 

If there are only a couple of rotten boards these can be replaced singly, but if there is more extensive rotting you will need to replace the whole fence. 

Act of Nature

Once a fence is leaning at a considerable angle, whether due to high winds or the weights of climbing plants, it can often be difficult to repair. It may be possible to reset the fence posts in this situation, but only if the feather boards are still in good condition. 

Missing Parts

Aesthetics have to play a certain role in deciding whether replacing the fence is necessary. If there are missing boards, or missing nails this could necessitate replacing the fence, rather than repairing it. 

You can continue to replace the missing parts but at the point, this becomes a cumbersome or expensive activity it may be worth replacing the whole fence. 

If you want to discuss the options for repairing or replacing your fencing please speak to us here at Enterprise Works.

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