Found everywhere, concrete is the basic material to build and is a simple mixture of cement, water and different coarse aggregates.  Concretes have a variety of uses and can be applied just about anywhere.  The quality of concrete rests on how fine the grains are. Some of the most common types of concrete used are discussed below.

  • Normal Concrete – normally used for pavements and buildings. It is composed of concrete, sand and aggregate and is best for low-tensile areas. 
  • Ready-mix concrete – this type of concrete is prepared in a plant and transported to the site for application in the big mixer trucks.  
  • Reinforced Concrete – commonly used in construction, this will help set wires, steel rods, and concrete.  Generally used for structures which need to be more resistant and sturdier.
  • Prestressed Concrete – large construction projects use this kind of concrete.
  • Precast Concrete – a recent development in the concrete industry, these are created and cast in the factory and then delivered assembled.