A normal security measure, gates provide the necessary protection and security for most properties. Browse our selection of ready made gates here. 

Gates come in different sizes, shapes and even compositions. The type of gate to choose will depend on your budget, style preference, and size of your home, and the main purpose of the gate. 

Normally, gates are given much consideration but are often an extension of your aesthetic preference.  As they are an element of security, gates are typically sturdy and heavy-duty. Below are the most common materials used for creating gates along with their pros and cons:  

  • Wood: Apart from being the most affordable option, wooden gates are easily moulded, shaped and built. Depending on the preference and design, typically wooden gates have metal frames fixed to a wood-clad to make them sturdier and more resilient.  

What is great with wooden gates is they are customisable. They can be stained or painted in various colours, giving you many options to choose from and work on. Wooden gates provide a sense of security and privacy viewed from the outside. They are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and changing climates. However, to get the best lifecycle, they need regular maintenance to ensure their effectiveness and durability.

  • Our Gates: EW gates are bespoke handcrafted close board, shiplap and picket pale gates manufactured on-site by our team of carpenters. EW gates use only pressure treated FSC sourced timbers for durability.