Autumn gardening plans tips

5 Top Tips for Your Autumn Gardening Plans

As the days grow shorter and the weather begins to cool, autumn is a time of transition in the garden. With the right preparations and tasks, it can also be one of the most productive times of year. The autumn garden offers ample opportunities to plant, grow, and harvest. It’s also an ideal time to get set up for a healthy, bountiful garden next spring. 

Read on for our top tips to make the most of the fall gardening season. Whether you need timber for raised beds, trellises, or garden structures, we have you covered to support your autumn garden plans and projects.

Prepare Your Soil for Spring Planting

Preparing your soil in autumn pays off when spring arrives. Test your soil pH and nutrient levels, and amend accordingly. Add generous amounts of compost or well-rotted manure to improve texture and nutrition.

Digging in organic matter in the fall allows time for it to fully break down. Come spring, your enriched soil will be ready for seeds and transplants to thrive. Well-prepped soil makes the most of spring planting time.

Plant Cool Weather Crops & Spring Bulbs

The fall garden has plenty of potential. Many cool weather veggies grow well into late fall, or even early winter in some climates. Spinach, kale, lettuces, carrots, radishes, and more can be sown from seed for continued harvests. 

Transplants of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and other brassicas will mature before the first frost. Plant them by mid-September. It’s also time to get spring bulbs in the ground. Planting them in autumn allows time to establish roots before winter dormancy. Come spring, you’ll have a colourful show of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and more.

Maintain Timber And Prep For Winter

Autumn is an ideal time to maintain the health and integrity of any timber structures in your garden. Ensuring fences, raised planter beds, sheds and other garden accessories are cleaned, repaired, and properly stored makes them last longer. Properly cared for garden timber brings value and functionality year after year. Don’t let shorter days mean the end of garden enjoyment. 

There are ample tasks and planting opportunities this fall to extend the gardening season. With some forethought and preparation now, you can ensure your autumn garden is productive and your spring landscape is ready to thrive. Maintaining your garden timber and overall space properly in fall sets you up for an easier, earlier start to next year’s growing season.

Tidy Up the Garden

Autumn is a good time to tidy up the garden and make room for next spring. Pull out any finished summer vegetable plants that have stopped producing. Clear away fallen leaves, spent blooms and other plant debris where fungal diseases may lurk. Adding disease-free compost to garden beds can improve the soil. 

Cut back perennials like coneflowers and daylilies to a few inches above ground to make room for fresh growth. Weeding and general garden cleanup in fall prepares the space for you to start with a clean slate next growing season. A tidy garden sets you up for future gardening success.

Prepare Structures and Tools

Getting a jump start on spring now by prepping structures and tools saves time later. Inspect garden trellises, raised beds, fencing and sheds. Make any needed repairs before winter sets in. Clean pruning tools with disinfectant and sharpen blades. Coat metal tool heads with machine oil to prevent rust. Store hand tools and power equipment in a dry location. 

Ensure irrigation systems and pipes are drained and protected from freezing. Preparing water hoses for storage with hose reels or coils reduces damage. Taking proper care of all garden structures and tools in autumn helps extend their longevity and functionality for years to come.

Final Thoughts for Autumn Gardening

With a well-maintained garden prepped for autumn and inevitably winter you can enjoy your garden throughout the year. At Enterprise Works we provide all the timber needs for a garden experience that is sure to enchant a garden for a memorable experience day in and day out. Visit our online shopping area to learn more about the timber and wood products that we provide.

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