What is your ideal type of garden shed

What Type Of Garden Shed Is For Me?

If you’re thinking about upgrading your outside space, you may be considering a garden shed. 

For someone who has no idea about sheds, choosing which type of garden shed can be a difficult resolution to reach, most especially when you are still not sure what you are particularly looking for, what garden shed features would suit your needs or what exactly you are planning the use the shed for.

Garden sheds not only add much-needed storage space for your gardening gear – the right shed can make an attractive addition to most garden spaces. 

But how do you know which type of garden shed is right for you? From the shape, size and style to material and cost, there’re a lot of things to think about when choosing a garden shed. 

There are several choices available for garden sheds. These are just some of the shed types listed according to its design and the materials used to build it.

  • Pent shed
  • Reverse pent shed
  • Apex shed
  • Reverse apex shed
  • Potting shed
  • Shiplap shed
  • Overlap shed
  • Corner shed

Before purchasing, you have to decide what purpose the shed will serve and what features you want to include in it. For instance, will you be using it as a home office, storage for gardening supplies and tools, man cave, or equipment storage? 

In this handy guide, we will provide a rundown of the most popular garden sheds available.

Plastic sheds

A popular choice for many homeowners is a plastic shed. 

The good news about plastic is that it requires little to no maintenance, other than a hose down every now and then to keep it clean. 

Plastic sheds are super easy to build too, and can sometimes be erected by one person depending on the size of shed you go for. 

Most plastic sheds available in the market today are made from polyethylene. This type of plastic offers a lot of benefits; it makes sheds cost-effective, it can provide a layer from UV rays, it is resistant, it is stable, and it is durable. Some plastic sheds come in modular units which allows owners the freedom to extend their sheds if they wish to, add windows, add skylights, increase attic storage potential, add more shelves, add peg boards and other accessories that are useful and practical.

Metal sheds

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, a metal shed might be the perfect choice for you. Metal sheds offer the same benefits as regular sheds (long-lasting, weather-resistant and robust) and come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your needs yet are often much cheaper than those built with natural materials.

One thing to bear in mind, however, is that while metal sheds require no maintenance or treatment, they will begin to rust over time. 

This type of shed can be made using a thin sheet of metal which offers great benefits: it offers adequate protection from fire and strong enough to withstand termite attacks. Due to its durability, strength and cost-effectiveness, going for metal sheds is a practical long-term investment. 

Just like anything else, garden sheds are also prone to wear and tear. If not maintain properly and regularly, they can succumb to rust, especially if the metal used in constructing the shed is not galavanised steel. If a thin metal sheet is utilised, it will be prone to dents, especially if your shed is situated in an area of your property with high foot traffic.

Wooden sheds

By far the most popular style of shed, wooden sheds are a long-lasting, cost-effective and practical solution for many homeowners. 

Wooden sheds are often built with treated wood, designed to withstand the elements. If you opt for untreated wood, be prepared to varnish it yourself every couple of years to ensure it weathers well. 

Wooden sheds are typically square in shape with a tall roof, to provide extra storage for those all-important garden tools.

This type of shed tends to be one of the most affordable options on the market, and are delivered flatpack – in most instances, you’ll be required to erect the shed yourself – a perfect time to use those tools! 

Wooden sheds can add a rustic flair to your garden, especially if it is offset on a lush carpet of grass filled with all kinds of colourful flowers. If you want your wooden shed to last, proper and regular maintenance is needed because it will no longer serve its purpose if it is warped, rotting or splitting.

The shed walls next to the garden must be cleared from all kinds of plants, especially the kind that tend to pile up. An adequate application of preservatives and stains must be given to make it resistant to weather. Aside from protecting your wooden shed from the elements of the weather, preservative and stains will protect your shed from fungal attack. 

Depending on your needs or available space, you can go for a quaint wooden shed or a large one that can accommodate your abundant need for additional storage space.

If you are planning to create a wooden shed for storing your garden tools and supplies such as wheelbarrows, square shovel, trowel, rake, hoe, garden shears, pitchfork, hand pruner, it would be wise to arrange them safely and securely on the wall, on a cupboard or on a table (whatever way is most feasible for you). No matter how you decide to arrange your items, make sure that you can easily access them without making too much effort. 

In some cases, wooden sheds can be used as an extra parking space. If it will be used as such, just make sure that there is enough space to accommodate everything. 

Here at Enterprise Works, we offer a range of high quality wooden sheds – and you are now able to purchase them at new and lower prices! If you want more information, give the guys at Enterprise Works a call on 07392 109856 or email on enterpriseworks2@swindon.gov.uk!  

What sort of shed are you planning for your outside space? Make sure to let us know!

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