What wood is best for a garden gate

What Wood Is Best for a Garden Gate?

There are many options for timber fencing materials, and therefore choosing a material for a garden gate might depend on your fencing. There is also a need to consider the origin of the wood and if it is a sustainable timber source. In this article, we will discuss various options, from oak gate posts to wooden picket gate ideas and their longevity.

Why Use Wood for Your Garden Gate?

Garden gates are a great way to add a decorative and functional element to the exterior of your home. Not only can they help define the boundaries of your backyard, but they also make it easy to keep children and pets safely within the confines of your outdoor space.

Wood is an ideal choice for garden and wooden driveway gates due to its strength, versatility and affordability. Wood is relatively easy to install and maintain compared to other materials, such as metal or vinyl. Wood garden gates provide security while adding an aesthetic touch to your outdoor space.

Best Types of Wood for a Garden Gate

Various types of wood can be used when building a wooden picket gate. Choosing the right type of wood is essential to construct a robust and durable structure that will last for years. Here is a look at some popular wood types for garden gates.


Cedar is a softwood with many uses and brings a unique, pleasant fragrance to the home. It’s often used for making furniture and cabinets.


·   Natural resistance to rot, decay and insects, which makes it an ideal material to use outdoors

·   Has a beautiful, reddish hue that adds warmth and charm to any garden space

·   Its durability makes it strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions without warping or cracking

·   Relatively lightweight, which makes it easy to work with during installation


·   Can be pretty expensive compared to other types of wood

·   Weathers naturally to a silvery grey colour. After installation, you should apply a penetrating sealant annually for long-lasting colour and protection

·   In the absence of proper maintenance, cedar fences will deteriorate


As its name implies, redwood is a reddish-brown coloured wood with a fine-grained texture and mild scent. Redwood can be used for everything from furniture and cabinetry to decks and fences.


·   Offers excellent durability, beauty and longevity that is perfect for outdoor use

·   Insect and rot-resistant, meaning it will stand up against the elements without much maintenance or treatment

·   Has a warm, reddish-brown colour that can blend in nicely with the rest of your landscaping design

·   If treated, redwood can last for many years without needing to be replaced or repaired

·   Its strength and stability make it an excellent choice for large hardwood gate posts and fences and for supporting heavy items, such as swing sets and hammocks


·   Has a tendency to splinter over time

·   Quite expensive compared to other types of wood


Pine is a type of wood widely used in the construction and furniture industries. An evergreen conifer, pine grows in northern temperate regions in North America, Europe and Asia.

Pine trees produce softwood with straight grain markings and a pale yellow to creamy white colour.


·   An affordable and durable choice that can be painted or stained to enhance any outdoor space

·   Has a natural look that makes it an attractive option in any garden setting

·   Its versatility allows it to be cut into different shapes and sizes depending on the desired effect


·   Scratches and dents easily

·   Sanding the wood carefully is essential before applying a finish to remove scratches

·   Compared to most hardwoods, it is less durable


Oak is one of the oldest types of wood and has been used in carpentry for centuries. It is strong, durable and highly resistant to insects, making it an ideal choice for garden and driveway gates. Whether you choose red or white oak, it’s a hardwood that can provide excellent protection from weather and intruders alike.


·   Compared to other timber species, such as tropical hardwoods, it is more durable

·   Any application, whether internal or external, will benefit from its rustic look

·   Exceptionally versatile. Various architectural elements, such as beams, frames and decorative features, can be made from oak


·   High demand and slow growth make it expensive

·   Changes colour and gradually darkens. When exposed to oxygen and UV light, this process is accelerated

·   Due to its high density, it is very heavy, making it difficult to transport


Spruce is a popular choice for garden gates due to its strength, ease of use and attractive aesthetic. This evergreen tree offers an affordable and reliable option for anyone looking to add an entryway to their outdoor space. In terms of installation, spruce is easy to work with and fits into any design you have in mind.


·   A good budget option

·   Since it’s a light colour, it’s perfect for painting and staining


·   Becomes warped over time

·   Attracts insects


Fir is a coniferous evergreen tree used in construction, furniture making and even decorative applications. Fir wood ranges in colour from pale yellow to reddish brown, with its heartwood slightly darker than its sapwood.


·   Good-quality and durable wood

·   Deters termites


·   Less moisture and rot resistance than with other options, such as cedar

·   Not recommended for climates that are particularly wet


Composite materials are gaining popularity in the woodworking industry due to their ability to offer a wide range of advantages over traditional woods. Composite is an artificial material that combines various materials such as wood particles, plastic and fibres. The combination of these materials creates a strong and durable product that can be used for furniture, decking, flooring, cabinetry and even outdoor structures.


·   Designed to resist stains, fading, mould and scratches

·   Upkeep is minimal

·   Increases your home’s appeal dramatically

·   Provides the look and feel of natural wood without causing environmental damage


·   More expensive compared to wood fencing

·   Susceptible to damage without proper installation or maintenance

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