Invest in a water butt

Why You Need To Invest In A Water Butt

With rising utility bills and growing environmental awareness, more and more households are looking to water conservation measures like rainwater harvesting. Installing your own water butt is an easy, cost-effective way to capture rainwater for use in the garden. 

A water butt serves as a sustainable, eco-friendly source of free water for everything from watering plants to washing cars. In this article, we’ll answer some of the common questions about using a water butt. 

With the ability to reduce your water usage while also saving money, installing a water butt is a smart choice that every gardening and sustainability-focused household should consider.

What is a Water Butt?

A water butt is a large container used to collect and store rainwater that flows from rooftops and drainage pipes. Water butts are typically made of plastic or metal and range in size from 100 to over 200 gallons. They have a tap or spigot at the bottom for draining water.

How does a Water Butt Work?

A water butt collects rainwater from gutters that is transported through downspouts directly into the water butt. The water is then stored until needed. The tap at the bottom allows you to access the water. Some systems use a pump to transport water from the butt to the point of use.

How to Install a Water Butt

Installing a water butt involves situating it beneath a downspout, securing the butt to prevent tipping, cutting the downspout to divert water in, attaching an overflow pipe, installing a debris filter, and adding a tap at the bottom. The system should be raised on bricks or a stand.

How to Clean a Water Butt

To clean a water butt, scrub the inside with a long brush and empty out sediment through the drain tap. Use a hose to spray water inside to rinse. Disinfect and purify occasionally with a water treatment solution. Keep covered to prevent debris buildup.

How to Use a Water Butt

Using a water butt involves opening the tap and filling a watering can or attaching a hose to use the water. A pump can automate water extraction. Only use water for non-potable outdoor purposes like gardening, washing cars, or cleaning patio areas.

How to Collection Rainwater

To collect rainwater, situate water butts under downspouts/drain pipes to harvest roof runoff. Screens keep debris out. Build a raised platform to utilize gravity and add multiple butts to increase capacity. Keep the system covered and route overflows away. Use rain barrels in the garden to gather even more.

Where to Buy a Water Butt for the Garden

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Invest in a quality water butt from Enterprise Workds and begin collecting free rainwater for your garden and outdoor needs today. The savings on your utility bill will start flowing as soon as your water butt is set up – call or go online to Enterprise Workds now to get started!

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